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Currently, 96% of resources on the internet are not suitable for users with disabilities. Ensure equality for your website users.

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Deliver an equal experience to all users

Digital accessibility is not just about accessibility; it also helps to enhance your brand values by making your website accessible to everyone.


Your accessibility journey starts here

Compatible with all types of websites regardless of code structure. Corpowid works on ANY and ALL website platforms.


Accesibility widget in your brand's style

Customization to align with your brand's corporate identity. Alignment, colors, widget language and more.

CORPOWID - Accessibility widget for websites

Join the inclusive web wovement

Make a positive impact and create a truly accessible experience for everyone.

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Empowering Accessibility: Our Valued Partners

At Corpowid, we believe in collaboration.  Our valued partners play a crucial role in promoting accessibility and empowering organizations to make their websites inclusive. We're honored to work with leading companies and non-profits who share our vision.


Simplify, Customize, Empower

Explore Corpowid's features and transform your website into an accessible experience.


Digital accessibility is a right for all users

Corpowid - is an accessibility widget for internet resources. Via Corpowid web accessibility widget, you can provide functionality intended for users with disabilities, including epilepsy, dyslexia, limited vision, cognitive impairments, and other health limitations. Corpowid is compliant with WCAG & ADA.

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Accessibility widget is multilingual

The widget is available in more than 10 languages

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Accessibility features by
Corpowid that empower your team

Discover all features

Our web accessibility software is packed with powerful features designed to streamline the process of making your website accessible to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned accessibility professional or just starting out, our tools empower you to:

  • 01
    Contrast Adjustment

    Provide users with granular control over the contrast between text and background colors on your website.

  • 02

    Simplify your website with a high-contrast mode for improved readability, especially for users with visual impairments or low-vision conditions.

  • 03
    Larger Text

    Empower users to adjust text size for a comfortable viewing experience, regardless of their age or visual acuity.

  • 04
    Text Align

    Align text for optimal reading flow and visual organization, making it easier for users to navigate your website content.

  • 05
    Line Height

    Control the space between lines of text for improved readability. This feature is particularly helpful for users who find dense text blocks overwhelming.

  • 06
    Text Spacing

    Adjust the space between characters and words, allowing users to customize the visual density of your website's content and enhance reading comfort.

  • 07
    Alternative Text

    Describe images with clear text for screen readers and visually impaired users, ensuring they can access and understand the full context of your website's content.

  • 08
    Dyslexia Font

    Provide a font specifically designed for users with dyslexia to improve reading ease, reducing strain and promoting better comprehension.

  • 09
    Reading Mask

    Minimize visual distractions by highlighting the content in focus, allowing users to concentrate on the information they need.

  • 10

    Break down language barriers and reach a global audience by offering website translation, making your content accessible to users worldwide.

  • 11
    Link Selection

    Distinguish links clearly for users with motor or visual impairments, allowing them to easily identify and navigate through your website.

  • 12
    Highlight Titles

    Make page structure evident by emphasizing headings and titles, improving website organization and user experience.

  • 13
    Hide Images

    Give users the option to hide images if they cause visual discomfort, such as for users with migraines or photosensitivity.

  • 14
    Stop Animation

    Minimize distractions by pausing website animations, creating a calmer and more focused browsing experience.

  • 15

    Increase cursor visibility for a smoother user experience, especially helpful for users with motor control limitations.

  • 16
    Mute Sound

    Provide control over website sounds for users with auditory sensitivities or those who prefer a quieter browsing experience.

  • Continuously Developing

    Corpowid is always evolving! We're constantly adding new features to ensure Corpowid meets the evolving needs of all users.

Accessibility Widget


Accessibility widget in the color of your website

The Widget is all about your brand - get an exact match to your website’s colors, and customize the look and feel.

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CorpoWid Makes Accessible Design Possible

Accessibility is essential for developers and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and web tools.

Phone screen with dyslexia friendly fonts
Dyslexia friendly

Automatic adjustment of font styles on your website for easier reading by users with dyslexia.

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In your brand's style

Offering solutions that can be tailored to your corporate identity.

Visualisation of corpowid widget about accessibility
Smart widget

Customize the appearance of the widget on the screen, whether shrinking, enlarging, or positioning it to the right or left.

Text management

Manage features such as line height, text spacing, or font size

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Technical support

Our technical support team will assist you in ensuring that your website is compliant with accessibility functionality.

Reading mask

A special "reading mask" to focus on information on your website.

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Smart contrast

Enjoy better readability with automatically adjusted text and background colors.

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Corpowid is multilingual widget and it is compliant with WCAG & ADA.


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Use keyboard shortcut to start accessibility widget

Keyboard shortcut usage of the widget for users with visual impairments, age-related or temporary physical limitations.